At the beginning of January, I decided to give another direction to my life and decided to move to another Country, France (Paris).

I graduated in Audit and Taxation - Financial Management, I worked in 3 companies for 6 years in Lisbon (Portugal), being the last one for almost 4 years in the area of Helpdesk.

In conversation with a friend, he talked about a job offer in Madrid and it was refused after a few days, due to the lack of some required skills.

Requirements that it aroused my attention and came to know that it would be good to be self-taught and proactive in the study of some languages and programs in the area of web development (front and back).

I researched and handled the work, after two months I have legs to walk on the knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 for web creation.

The arrival to Paris was due to the search for a better financial conditions and above all to learn a new language (French).

The knowledge acquired in these two months is due to the fact that the art of creation and the constant learning are fascinating.

But I will not stay here ...... if you are still reading this text is sign that my first work went online and that by this time I am learning JavaScript and then JQuery.

I will also in the future obtain knowledge in Phyton, Ruby, PHP, SQL, etc ...

What was a goal for increased knowledge for the job market has become a passion.

I will be receptive to a good challenge, do not hesitate, just contact.